6 Tricks to Create More Shareable Content

Embracing a well-crafted content marketing strategy yields numerous benefits. Whether you aim to elevate brand recognition, establish authority, drive organic traffic, or enhance conversion rates on your website, certain approaches consistently outshine others.

Primarily, emphasizing quality over quantity might not yield immediate outcomes, yet it profoundly bolsters your business where it truly matters.

Moreover, by dedicating efforts to produce content that captivates your target audience, you cultivate a devoted following that genuinely values your offerings and contributions.

Lastly, tailoring your content for shareability sets the stage for your business’s success, encouraging your audience to organically advocate for your brand within your niche.

For those eager to elevate their content marketing strategy by curating highly shareable posts, here are invaluable pointers:

6 Tricks for More Shareable Content:

1. Mind the Word Count

Maximizing the likelihood of sharing blog posts begins with considering the word count.

Research from Backlinko in 2019, analyzing 912 million blog posts, indicates a strong correlation between post length and social shares. The sweet spot appears to reside between 1,000 to 2,000 words, demonstrating readers’ inclination towards long-form content for its ability to encapsulate greater value.

The rationale behind this preference is the capacity of long-form content to pack in more valuable information, be it unique data, educational material, or engaging entertainment.

2. Optimize Platform Selection

Reconsidering the platforms for content distribution serves as a simple yet effective means to garner more shares.

While conventional focus remains on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, understanding internet user behavior, especially across various age demographics, is crucial. For instance, demographic data from 2021 showcases distinctive usage patterns among age groups, highlighting the significance of aligning your content strategy with specific demographics.

Precision in channel selection not only expands your reach but significantly amplifies content sharing, leading to heightened ROI and expedited achievement of desired outcomes.

3. Deliver Uniqueness

Elevating shares and audience engagement mandates uniqueness across your content spectrum, spanning articles, videos, podcasts, and visual content.

Diverge from mimicking your competition. Strive to surpass by providing additional insights from original research, catering content to diverse consumption preferences, or adopting an authentic voice distinct from traditional sales tactics.

A compelling instance of achieving content distinctiveness can be observed in Transparent Labs’ Instagram feed, solely dedicated to appetizing yet healthy recipes, defying the stereotype that wellness enthusiasts compromise flavor for health benefits.

4. Enhance Utility

In cases where generating novel information seems challenging, prioritize crafting valuable content for your audience, a strategy proven to elevate engagement and brand authority.

Whether it’s educational posts, comprehensive guides, or instructional articles, the focus should be on empowering and assisting your audience.

Educational content has demonstrated a remarkable potential to boost sales by up to 131%, a testament to its impact on audience perception and engagement.

5. Harness the Power of Visuals

Research collaboration between BuzzSumo and Canva in 2015 underscored the profound impact visuals wield in driving social media shares. It’s not merely the number of images but the balance between visuals and textual content that holds significance.

Maintaining a ratio of one image every 75 to 100 words in blog posts can potentially double social shares. This, coupled with evidence showing a 323% higher success rate among individuals following visual directions, highlights the paramount importance of integrating visuals into content creation.

From original photography to user-generated content, visuals enhance brand recognition, forge stronger connections, and diverge from conventional sales tactics, exemplified by GILI’s visual identity.

6. Incorporate a Call to Action (CTA)

While various strategies enrich shareable content, integrating a clear and compelling call to action remains pivotal in encouraging readers to share content within their networks.

Embedding a prominent CTA after blog posts, emails, or social media shares, urging readers to pass along valuable content, significantly contributes to increased shares and engagement.

By adopting these six strategies, you pave the way to maximize and make your content reach, thereby achieving marketing goals effectively while keeping costs at bay. Strategically implementing these tactics in your 2023 strategy promises increased shares, heightened engagement, and amplified brand awareness.

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